# 003 Pa + Fobia and art production


Michael Haneque's movie "Code Unknown" repeatedly describes the passing of people and people through a short sequence. A woman who is a hero who is caught by an immigrant boy on the subway and can spit a brim when leaving. On the other hand, a boy treated like passengers and women do not.

And passengers who keep their eyes away from the interactions between the woman and the boy who are waking soon. All the characters are obstructed and obsessed with dislike and unrecognizability, even to the things that it is impossible for individuals to like things like the country and the race because of familiar and very personal things like lovers, families, occupations and values, I am living in the feeling. They can not be understood while wishing to be understood, and conversely, they can not understand while wishing to understand. Words will not be transmitted correctly, communication between different races, nationality, and generations will fail. Good intentions become unreasonable violence, only dislike of each other and insensible understanding are amplified.

What is phobia?
What do we target for Phobia?
Is there someone who does not have Phobia?
Where is the difference between personal and social phobia?
Is it possible to read and understand Phobia?
Can Fobia be dissolved?
Even if it is not resolved, how can you confront it?

In this project, I will think about "Phobia" that individuals and society possess in some way, and explore the possibility of how art production can be involved.


Daisuke Awata (art criticism) "Familiarity and dreams"
Enoko Hiroko (Artist) "I do not want to talk"
Haruka Kawaguchi (Artist) "Mother's mother and child model drawn on mother"
Kishi Daisuke (playwright) "Dramatic Island"
Kim Soo (Japanese resident Koreans) "Kimpa"
Katsumori Natsuko (artistic representation) "The girls born in the 1980s"
Koizumi Akira (Artist)
Kobayashi An (photo study) "We and their fears and desires -
Tetsuya Saito (artistic representation) "Sweet hatred and vomiting"
SAE BORG (Artist) "The goddess with two snakes"
Nao Sugaya (Artist) "Memorandum / Risks / Discordance / Memorandum on Security / Trust"
Atsushi Sugita (art criticism) I felt I had to go there
Hashimoto Satoshi (analyst, anarchist, artist, Arab, abstract, act) "Fw: Forbes list of the World's Most Powerful People, 2014"
Noritoshi Hirakawa (Artist) "From Fobia to us from today"
Yasuto Masumoto (Artist) "Results of family Fobia conference (picture taking and association game) done every night for about two weeks"
Sayaki Murata (Artist) "Night road"
Yamamoto Hiroki (art / academic) "Shed a light on history not written: Art and ethnic folklore"
Yasumasa Morimura (artist) 'Requiem to something (dream of the universe / Alberto 2)'

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Issue date: March 23, 2015
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