# 004 Sa + Voice and Art Production


Currently, as the number of people trying to exceed 60 million in the world escape from persecution and poverty due to war, they are obliged to leave their country without knowing where they will go. It would be impossible to know exactly the number of people who were deprived of the dignity of becoming human beings and lost their lives without being able to reach out to help. The greatest refugee crisis after the Second World War caused by conflicts that rely heavily on interventionism in Western countries also attracted the limits of democracy, led the same meaning of peace, something what humanity means to the same age We are asking questions. Meanwhile, Japan drastically turned to the direction to exercise force last year. In the midst of long-term economic stagnation East Japan great earthquake and nuclear accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant society - the hearts of those who lost "stability" continue to shake - meaning of "peace" is being rewritten hastily is there. And many people gave voices of pros and cons to the government seeking to abandon the significance of the no-war while witnessing the devastation brought about by current war and armed intervention, insisting on the ideal state of the state called Japan are doing. Even just five years ago, a large-scale demonstration that no one could think of, a hate speech to those who "threaten the country", a response to words that do not self-control violence with shields of the anonymity of the Internet.

However, many of the voices that we hear are polarized by logic that simplifies complicated intertwined events. Such voices occasionally cause intense emotions, and they infiltrate both in people who emit it and in people who are aimed at in various ways. It is difficult to be unaffected by the power of the voice that you hear even if you block your ears. It is comfortable to entrust ourselves to synchronize with a strong voice. On the other hand, you need belief to resist the surrounding voice and not to give up on your own voice. To listen carefully to small voices and silence that are drowned out by noise requires reflection with consideration for others.

How are we speaking and listening to others' voices? How can you communicate words with others without hitting your voice or pushing your voice down or killing it? Based on these questions, we issue this issue as a platform to consider our behavior to live in today's society, and to consider the practice and possibilities of art facing the present era.

+ journal Choi Kyung-hwa


Ishikawa Ryuichi (photographer) "CAMP"
Uchida Saintya (margin construction association (margin construction worker) · medieval unit) "Recommended island, savage ghosts"
Takeshi Eyama (photographer) "Listening to the beach"
Yoshihisa Otani (Kanrinza Gallery) "I do not want to despair ..."
Yuki Okumura (Artist / Translator) "Sharing voice and body / Giving out voice and body"
Kano Ai (Art Activism Research) "Do you raise or raise your voice?"
Kihara Kihara (urizen / Post Studium operated) "Sidgio Fossil's Stone-Free Construction" Sagrada Familia "
Katsumori Natsuko (artistic representation) "Research room 14th Istanbul Biennial, 2015"
Haruo Kobayashi (presided by blanClass) "Invention of Equipment Resonating"
Nao Sugaya (Artist) "To resist withdrawal, to stand at the boundary, not to have anything."
Atsushi Sugita (art criticism) "Ferdinand, a terrible person ... ...."
Takayama Akira (president and director of Port B) "Referendum Project" - Theater Architecture to Voice "
Yuki Teruya (Artist) "A Capital - No Capital"
Barbara Darling (Artist) "" Ils paient, toute leur vie, assez cher d'être le peuple, pour avoir ces petites distractions-là. "Jean Anouilh (1953). L 'alouette. Paris, Éditions de la Table ronde.
Koji Fukada (film director) "Film and Propaganda"
Honma May (video research) "Fact / Expression / Reality or False · Claim / Repeat"
Hiromi Machida (Artist) "Want not to wish"
Maharani Mancanagara (Artist) "Rekaan Propaganda imaginary propaganda"
Yasumasa Morimura (artist) "Requiem for something (ASANUMA 1 1960.10.12 - 2006.4.2)"
Wild faction (Ryuichi Ishikawa + Eriko Kimura + Miyagifutsushi + Sho Yoshihama) "Dawn's discord"
Yuasa Chihiro (Artist) "But it does not work"
Sho Yoshihama (Artist) "Small evidence"

ISBN: 978-4-908323-03-4
date of issue: March 29, 2016
form: D4 tabloid (406 × 272 mm), all 24 pages
Base price: 500 yen
Circulation issue: 1000 parts

Planning / editing
+ journal (Mariko Iijima, Fumio Inoue, Natsuko Kurashida, Tetsuya Saito, Atsushi Sugita, Natsuki Takahashi, Choi Kyung Hwa, Keiko Numaita, Shin Harada, Honma May)