Ta+: ISSUE #006 Travel and Artistic Production

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#006 Ta+ Travel and Art Production


One of the most meaningful thoughts about travel was written by Paul Bowles. He borrows the mouth of the main character of Shellting Sky and reveals it. What he says is the difference between a tourist and a traveler. The former will eventually return home, but the latter will not. Travelers slowly move from one place on the planet to another over the years. When we think of this traveler, we can see how far away we call him. At the same time, if you realize that "place" is an environment, it can be said that people who stay in the same place throughout their life are also travelers. Our environment is changing slowly. We should not forget Rebecca Solnit's phrase that later men will judge us. By what? She says it is by a sin we do not yet know. This is about moving to a place we don't know yet. She is clearly thinking about travel in a spatial and time sense. When it comes to race, gender, and sexuality, we are beginning to recognize the importance of their diversity. But it is not enough to understand, and we must also keep in mind that we may be committing the sins of tomorrow. We are always on our way to somewhere we don't know yet...

One of the most meaningful reflections on travel can be found in the writing of Paul Bowles. He reveals it through the words of his protagonist in The Sheltering Sky. What he describes is the difference between the tourist and the traveler. The former eventually goes back home but the latter does not. The traveler moves slowly from one place to the next on this planet, over the course of many years. When we think about this idea of the traveler, we realize how far removed it is from what we call a traveler. At the same time, if we come to see a “place” as an environment, a person who stays in one place throughout his life can be called a traveler, too. Our environments are changing slowly. We should not forget Rebecca Solnit’s epigram, posterity will curse us....... For what? For crimes we have not yet comprehended, she says. This is a comment about how we move to places we don’t know yet. Obviously, she is thinking about travel, in both a spatial and a temporal sense. We are becoming aware of the importance of diversity with respect to race, gender and sexuality. But understanding alone is not enough: we must also be mindful of the possibility that we are committing tomorrow’s crimes. We are always on the way to somewhere that is still unknown...

Reed: Atsushi Sugita
Lead translation: Alex Dudok de Witt

Lead text: SUGITA Atsushi
Translator for lead text: Alex Dudok de Wit


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ISBN: 978-4-908323-06-5
Publish Date: August 11, 2021
Form: D4 tabloid (406×272mm), 24 pages
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+journal (Fumio Inoue, Natsuko Kuramo, Tetsuya Saito, Atsushi Sugita, Natsuna Takahashi, Keiko Numauchi, Susumu Harada)