Started activities as a project to issue tabloid of art criticism from 2010. After receiving Na + Production Committee and Ra + Production Committee, we acquired the ISBN Publisher Symbol in 2014 and unified its name with + journal (Plus Journal).

We set one theme for each issue and asked the manuscripts concerning art production (artists, curators, critics, architects, etc.) to write not only criticism but also various forms such as poetry, prose, photograph, drawing Published a tabloid magazine "A critical journal on contemporary art" series incorporating text and visual expression.

Also related events related to tabloid magazines are planned.

The title was unified as "+ journal" on the timing of getting ISBN number, through the committee of Na + and the committee of Ra +.

As gathering not only criticisms but also poems, essays, photographes, drawings, we publish a series of "a critical journals on contemporary art" consisted with variety type of texts and visual expressions.

We also organize some satellite events concerned with each issues.

Mariko Iijima, Fumio Inoue, Natsuko Kurashida, Tetsuya Saito, Atsushi Sugita, Natsukazu Takahashi, Choi Kyung Hwa, Keiko Numaita, Shin Harada, Honma May

Design (tabloid / web): Shin Harada